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The Experts in Roof Drainage Systems

The Experts in Roof Drainage Systems

As rainwater drainage specialists, we know that the most important element to get rainwater flowing away from any building is a quality installed roof drainage system.

At RWP Clearwater, we offer three types of roof drainage systems. Both offer high quality drainage, and our specialists will survey your building in order to suggest the best drainage solution for you.

With vast industry knowledge and experience within the drainage industry we design, supply and install of all our rainwater drainage systems, offering advice and information across a whole wealth of drainage solutions.

Which Rainwater Drainage Systems Do We Offer?

To speak to a rainwater specialist on what drainage system is best for your building, call us now on 0114 247 1800 or send us a message via our contact form.

Rainwater Drainage Installation

All our installations are managed by our in-house Project managers and trained site installation teams.  

Installation is a key element of the service we offer. All projects are supplied with approved working drawings, depicting detailed pipe height & route, pipe diameters and flow rates. All pipe lengths, bends branches etc. are calculated by our design engineers, ensuring the final analytical design meets the requirements as specified by the client and BSEN 12056.

The pipe work systems should be installed in conjunction with the approved status drawing, this ensuring the analytical design calculations are not compromised - a method of work which is familiar to all our experienced installation teams.

To assist in this, all pipe work systems are prefabricated and stillaged within our workshop, aiding transportation & site distribution. Each fabricated item is labelled detailing the project name and reference, down pipe number and item number, so with a quick cross reference to the construction issue drawing, the location of each item can be quickly identified: “a jigsaw with numbers”.

All the above is supported by product knowledge, preparation, assembly, and testing which is essential for the immediate use and longevity of the installation. We only ever use approved materials and always make sure these are correctly installed.

We Take Health and Safety Seriously

Prior to commencement of any project, we hold a meeting to issue and discuss method statements and risk assessments. Standard safety matters are also reviewed along with site and project specific requirements.

All our installation teams are trained to a level which meets all site and operational requirements which they may encounter. A training schedule is recorded, updated and available upon request.

We design, supply and install all rainwater systems

At RWP Clearflow we take care of the whole process for you. Our experienced rainwater drainage design team and rainwater systems technicians are dedicated to producing drawings and installs in line with our client’s requirements.

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