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Maintaining your roof drainage systems

All rainwater systems need a level of maintenance, with the primary aim to ensure that the system installed can continually meet the level of the design capacity. All that needs to be considered is ensuring the clearflow of rainwater into and through the system.


Keypoint - Clearflow of Rainwater

  • Clear debris from the gutter flat roofs etc
  • Clear away any build up around the leaf guards and baffle plates
  • Check that all leaf guards / baffles etc are corrected located in position
  • Check for localized blockage to pipe work at the outlet location, and cleared by professional if required
  • Always clear the debris from the roof this not allowing it to caused further nuisance
  • Internal visual inspections should also be carried out , to ensure that no damage has been caused to the pipe work system or support brackets


Remember, safety comes first

No roof areas, gutter or any high level area should be accessed by untrained personel, always ensure that the works are carried out by a person qualified and trained to work in the respective areas, that method statements & risk assessment are produced, issued and reviewed, and all the necessary safety equipment is available and used by trained personel.

Blocked gutter

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